Learn The Insider Advantages To A Online Home Business Versus A Traditional Off Line Approach

Online businesses and on-site (real world) businesses are definitely distinct from on another despite their similarities. This is because the communities in which they each thrive are different from one another, suggesting that the nature, usefulness and function relies primarily on the environment in which it was designed and constructed.

Because these communities are different from one another, the businesses within each will have certain advantages over those businesses in the other communities. Online business opportunities that have strong online business systems that are duplicatable that anyone can literally plug into and follow the pattern are extremely successful when researched appropriately.

When doing a search for an online business or opportunity you will be overwhelmed with the options and research available. Most importantly, it is important to notice the following advantages that an online business have over an on-site business.

One of the main advantages of online businesses is minimal overhead. Land tax and expenses associated with electricity, heating, and other utilities necessary to maintain any physical location (such as a plant, store or factory) are virtually non-existent because the entire business itself is situated in cyberspace. Only monthly host site fees, business taxes, and electricity bills needed for powering the computer system are expected, aside from merchandising and marketing (advertising).

This means that because overhead is minimized, more funds can go into the business itself.

Another advantage of online businesses over on-site businesses is minimized space. Internet stores consist of multiple pages covering business mission, disclaimer, registration, order interactives, condensely organized product presentation, and even forums for technical support where replies are posted for everyone to see at any time (no one need have to remember what a particular representative has said regarding a particular service or piece of merchandise. Others contributions add to the insight).

Because the business is online, anyone wanting to shop only need to switch on the computer, go to a search engine and enter certain keywords (or enter a web address, if available, into the field), and go to the site any time of the day or night and browse through everything without leaving home.

It is a tremendous advantage to have a business online and knowing that your business is open and being advertised 24/7 while you are out enjoying activities with the family, sporting events and sleeping. It is not limited to only the number of hours that a physical store would be open and where you physically had to be there to greet customers.

This lease to yet another advantage of online businesses: inquiries into services or product orders can be made instantly through the integration of interactive software. If queries are made, support can come almost immediately. Receipts for orders are sent right away to personal email accounts where they can be stored away. The significance of this is the convenience of quick and easy accomplishment of the processes involved.

Finally, one should not forget that online businesses are accessible from all over the world, ensuring that business dealings will be expanded on a daily basis compared to on-site businesses, which are limited to local or regional areas. People in Japan or Russia, for instance, can see the product line of an online business set up by a single American mother of three who is operating her venture from her small apartment somewhere in central U.S.A. With online businesses, services and clientele possibilities are virtually endless all the time.

The Internet highway is a compact yet sprawling environment where millions travel all day every day. Any business will find ongoing pleasure and growth here because of the sheer density of its traffic.

Starting an online business and researching the right opportunity is a critical step especially since there are so many options available when seeking out the right opportunity, leaders and turn-key systems and marketing methods to be coached on.

Make sure to have a checklist handy when you are researching a online home business opportunity so you will only have to make the decision once and build a strong business enterprise from day one with strong foundational principles and methods.

Remember even though online business are thriving a great majoring closer to 97% are not finding the original success that they hoped for. You can definitely shorten your learning curve and alleviate some headaches by clearly defining what you are looking for in a online business opportunity.

A checklist may include the following: (check yours against this, ask yourself these questions?)

1.) Turn-key marketing system so you can be coached on online advertising technique.

2.) Websites that are ready for you to plug into so you can generate leads and business

3.) Coaches/Mentors that have the results to assist you. This can shorten your learning curve by years.

4.) Back-office operations

5.) Solid stand alone products that are already in place for you to market today. (this can save you a few years in product creation & development)

6.) Strong compensation model that will pay you for your results today

7.) Residual Income are you looking for an online business where your results today will not only pay you today but for years to come?

Online business have a very strong and profitable advantage over off line on-site business opportunities. You can have your business, marketing, system and turnkey solutions up and running within days.

More importantly by having an online business and advertising working for you 24/7 you can spend time with your family and have the ultimate flexibility. Write your list of what is important for you to find in your turnkey online business.

Make a decision today to start your online business after you attracted everything on your list. There are so many advantages today with the internet that the possibilities for more flexibility and time is there for you.

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Hiring an Attorney for the Business Buying Process

First and foremost, as a business buyer, you must understand when to bring on the professional help of an Attorney and to how hire those with the right experience. You are looking to buy a business and you are the one employing them so the decisions are all on you. Attorneys will be more of a hindrance than help if you bring them into the fold too early or ask them for help on things that are really an opinion rather than based on actual knowledge. I have seen many occasions where Buyers kill their own deals by not being prepared but even more so, by the Attorney that likes to prove his/her brain power or overly “protect” the client. This unfortunately also happens on the Seller side of the table too.

Where do I find these professionals?

Other business owners, Business Brokers, Business Advisors and business based Accountants are all your best resources. It is not recommended to look one up in the phone book or on the internet. They should be local to you and/or your new business venture if possible, but it’s not necessary. Hopefully, once you sign the deal you will never need to use them again until you are looking to sell.

What are the best hiring criteria?

I don’t think I have met a lawyer who has done at least one business related contract that would tell you he/she can’t handle a business purchase transaction. Although many transactions are very simple when performing an asset based purchase (as most are), experience in an actual buy/sell transaction is a must. It is especially essential if buying a business with environmental issues involved such as a gas station or car wash or with licensing issues such as a bar. If this is not the case, I would recommend asking about a flat fee for their services. Many will do that if they have the experience (like they should have) in transactions with the type(s) of businesses you are looking at.

There are plenty of solid choices in Attorneys that you will come across but you must feel absolutely comfortable with them. Lawyers tend to make people feel like they are inferior. This may or may not be intentional, but it happens just because legal matters that most people have no clue about are involved. This must not interfere with the fact that YOU are hiring the Lawyer, they are not hiring you. I can’t stress enough how important this is since Attorneys are known to be total deal breakers even in a perfectly cut and dried transaction.

Also, contrary to what they may think about themselves or may tell you, most Attorneys are not good business people. So don’t even waste your time looking for a Lawyer that can give you business advice. What matters is their experience from a legal standpoint in business buy/sell transactions for the industry you are looking to buy into.

When should I hire one?

Please heed this warning on the subject of bringing an Attorney into the fold. Once you are absolutely ready to look for a business, you can start looking for an Attorney. Meet with them and be clear that you want to find the right person to help them and when you are ready, you will retain their services.

The time to bring them in completely often stems from the type of business you are buying. Again, if there are any state or federal regulations or licenses involved, they should be brought on board when you start due diligence. If this is not the case, then get them involved when you are at the end of your due diligence and certain you will be going through with the deal. Up until the point that the due diligence period ends, you are not legally obligated to buy the business and you really don’t need to start paying for a Lawyer.

What will they do for me?

If there are state and federal issues to be checked out about the business and the Seller(s), your Attorney should be doing these background checks for you during due diligence. Some checks take a while to get back so they might as well be started as early as possible. This shouldn’t be a problem to you if you have done your prep work and submitting an offer to start the due diligence was a wise decision.

Buyer Attorneys will be tasked in making sure all of the contingencies that were met from the letter of intent during due diligence as well as the other necessary agreements are transferred over to the purchase contract. Be sure to remember you are the boss here! Do not let your Attorney or the Seller Attorney drag things out! They should both just be translating your verbal and written agreements with the Seller into legalese and making sure it gets on the contract. Keep it simple. They should also be drafting a non-compete for the Seller to sign to protect you from having them become your competition anytime soon after the transaction is finished.

Ask your Attorney to explain to you anything they feel should be covered for your protection in the non-compete and purchase agreement. If you feel it will hinder the transaction or disrupt your relationship and previous agreements with the Seller when at the closing table, that is your decision to make or dismiss. Letting either Attorney run amok will cause major delays or possibly shut down the deal. Not only will this cost you money for more work by your Lawyer, but it may cause you to lose any deposits you have made.

How much will it cost?

I would like to tell you that this transaction will not cost much. If you have ever closed on a house, you know you always feel like you paid too much. This is more complicated so if you thought a house closing was expensive by way of attorney fees, this might not make you too happy. It also may not be as bad as you think.

First off, just like with a house, if you can, try to ask for a flat fee. For a simple straight forward business with no federal or state regulations and licenses involved, this should not be a problem. It will definitely make your Attorney do his/her job efficiently and probably even better than with a floating retainer or hourly arrangement. A flat fee can run from $1200 to $2000. That’s really not too bad. If a flat fee is not an option, you may see rates of $120-$300 per hour. I have to say that usually you are not getting any better of an Attorney at the high end versus the low end if they have the experience. But what you are dealing with is a better negotiator. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to ask for a lower rate.

If that doesn’t work, and you still like them, be prepared to do as much work for yourself as possible regarding making sure all of the points get covered in any docs they are preparing and all of the standard clauses are included. Don’t let them hunt things down that you can get or dictate yourself. That being said, an hourly arrangement can get ugly if you don’t keep control of the situation, but you are looking at a range of $1200-$3000 for a typical small business transaction.

To sum it all up… don’t be afraid of your Attorney. You hired them and you can fire them as well as give them a good or bad review to your other business owner friends. They need to keep that in mind and so do you. It’s your new business that you are buying and you have been in the mix of finding it, checking it out and negotiation the deal since day one. Be a part of the transaction as much as possible and let them do their job, which is to translate your needs into a legal format.

Selling Your Business – Is Now the Right Time to Sell Your Business For Maximum Profit?

If your business is a success, you probably had to pour most of your time, energy and money into it for what may seem like forever. You may see your company as an extension of yourself and it may be hard to even imagine life without it. In some cases, your entire family may have depended on the business, discussed it endlessly around the dinner table and practically made it into another family member.

On the other hand, your business may have only been marginally successful. It’s something you can’t wait to sell and get rid of. Or, perhaps you entered into the business with the idea that it would only be a short-term opportunity and that you’d sell it whenever you got a decent offer.

Whatever your situation, selling your business will be one of the most important things you’ll do as a business owner. Unlike virtually every other business decision you have made over the years, you’ll only do this once. You get a single chance to put a price tag on possibly years and years of effort. Once you sign the business sale documents, it’s over.

So, now the question is: Is now the right time to sell your business for maximum profit>?

3 Timing Factors That Will Affect How Much You Will Make from Selling Your Business

1. The Economy – What’s going on with the economy?

Is the economy growing? Is it kind of hanging in there? Are we in recession? If it’s a growing economy, that’s great news for you if you want to sell your business for the maximum price. If there’s a recession, then I strongly suggest waiting if you can. I’m not saying you can’t sell your business for the maximum price during an economic downturn, but it’s much more difficult. So you need to be aware of what’s going on in the macro, in the wider world.

2. Your Industry — What’s going on in your industry sector?

Just like the economy, if your industry’s outlook is growing strong, then now is the best time for you to sell your business for the maximum price. Once your industry matures, the longer you wait to sell your business, the less money you will make from the sale.

When keeping an eye on the industry, you must also look for warning signs, alarm bells and problems in the brewing stage. This includes talks about introducing new legislation either now or later that can affect your business and your exit strategy.

3. Your Business – What’s going on with your business?

Before you decide to sell your business you must ask yourself: Is the business growing, each year? Are you growing in turnover? Are you growing in profit? Is that going to continue? If you’ve got historic growth and the growth is continuing, then you have a wonderful business selling opportunity.

If your business is static or even worse stagnating, going backwards, and struggling to break even then you need to be aware of these facts. It doesn’t mean you can’t sell, but the preparation is probably even more critical because you need to sell and you need to create a good story why you’re selling.

Hitting the Jackpot – When is the Ideal Time to Sell Your Business?

Obviously, the perfect time to sell your business for maximum profit is when the economy, your industry and your business are all growing at the same time. When you’re prepared and ready to sell, then you can control that process and wait for all three to coincide.

When you’re not prepared and when you possess a victim mentality then you sell because you have to sell. All three timing factors will not be in place, and you will not sell for a maximum price, unless you get really lucky.

So, how are you going to start preparing to sell your business?